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WVGP Resources


Welcome to the resources used by the WV GeoExplorer Project!

The following are the resources available and a brief description of the resources:

  • GIS Portal connects you to the WVGP GIS Server. This portal allows you to view the GIS maps created through the WV GeoExplorer Project.
  • The Browse Resources | Map Gallery lists some of the maps that the WVGP is documenting. By clicking on the map's name you can view the map using Zoomfly, which helps you zoom in to any section of the map.
  • The Browse Resources | Photo Browser includes a small sample of the more than 14,000 local images that will be cataloged and added to the database.  The photo browser being used at this time is limited in how detailed the photograph's caption can be but WVGP is working on this issue. In time the photographs will have more detailed captions.
  • The Browse Resources | Books lists some of the books viewable in WVGP.  By clicking on the book's title you can view the book in PDF format.

Many more resources are available by using the Search Database feature.